hospitable by tradition

Carrying on the family tradition dating back to her great-grandmother Angelina, owner of what was once a welcoming inn at piazza Verdi, Silvia continues this tradition by cultivating the ancient virtue of hospitality with passion, zeal, and dedication and by drawing inspiration from values that seem to have been forgotten: simplicity and authenticity.

Her desire is to share the pursuit of happiness with her guests, that happiness which comes from the little things – from the scent of coffee to the delicacy of a cake to the beauty of a flower – because it is precisely the little things, the simplest ones, that are the first to be forgotten. il Palchetto, with its bright colours and eclectic furniture, offers an invitation to get away from the monotony of everyday life, in order to become immersed in a sociable atmosphere of comfort and familiarity, where the simple things that promote well-being can be enjoyed.

Silvia will provide you with the information you need to reach the property before your arrival and she will welcome you at check-in.